Omega buckles are often similar in appearance, but each has its own special identifying features. For example there is no single manufacturer who uses the same signature or markings across all their products – which can make it difficult for collectors to identify exactly what they have in hand.

Omega forums member @omegastar collected Omega buckles for years and realised that identifying the differences was not as simple as he thought. That’s why he blessed the Omega community with an extensive thread on vintage omega buckles. All credits to Mounir (

In his investigation, Mounir came to the conclusion that there are two ways to identify a buckle:

  1. The markings
  2. The profile

Using these two elements together, one can achieve a logical classification and a way to identify a buckle. Mounir identified 4 swiss manufacturers which he named to make things clear.

1. MG. upload_2016-3-19_15-56-32.png2. AW. upload_2016-3-19_15-57-2.png

  1. B. upload_2016-3-19_15-57-38.png

4. EK. upload_2016-3-19_15-58-12.png

GM. And AW. are the most prolific manufacturers.

In old style buckles, there are two different profiles, oblong or straight.

Oblong profile buckles were made by GW.

boucle omega 3 020.JPG

Straight profile buckles were made by AW.

boucle omega 3 018.JPG

boucle omega 3 016.JPG

(There is an oblong buckle made by EK. but it is bigger.)

boucles Oméga 055.JPG

boucles Oméga 052.JPG
The markings or signature are written in the same direction as the Omega symbol for GW. and opposite direction for AW.

So AW. Buckles are easy to identify because the markings are always the other way around and AW. is the only one doing it.

Markings of GW. in the same direction as the Omega symbol.

boucles Oméga 025.JPG

boucles Oméga 031.JPG

boucle Omega 2 079.JPG

boucle Omega 2 108.JPG

Markings of AW. in opposite direction of the Omega symbol.

boucles Oméga 004.JPG

boucles Oméga 006.JPG

boucles Oméga 010.JPG

boucle Omega 2 114.JPG

Markings of EK. in the same direction as the Omega symbol.

boucle Omega 2 036.JPG

boucle Omega 3 008.JPG

Markings of B. in the same direction as the Omega symbol.

boucle Omega 3 002.JPG

    1. The missing link or buckle.
      MG. has had two different markings or signature.First this oneupload_2016-3-19_16-35-37.pngThen later this oneupload_2016-3-19_16-36-8.pngMounir discovered it thanks to these buckles, old style buckles identical to the others bearing the new marking.boucle Omega 2 058.JPG

      boucle Omega 2 063.JPG

      boucle Omega 2 067.JPG

      boucle Omega 3 016.JPG

      boucle Omega 3 017.JPG

      boucle Omega 3 021.JPG

      Another interesting buckle is this one which is transitional between the old style and the modern style. It has the same body but a different Omega symbol which announces the modern one we all know.

      boucle Omega 2 094.JPG

      boucles Omega 4 003.JPG

      boucles Omega 4 005.JPG

      boucles Omega 4 008.JPG

      Pics of modern style MG. Buckles:

      boucle Omega 2 105.JPG

      boucles Omega 4 019.JPG

      boucle Omega 2 104.JPG

      boucles Omega 4 022.JPG

      boucle Omega 2 107.JPG

      boucle Omega 2 108.JPG

      boucles Omega 4 024.JPG

      boucles Omega 4 112.JPG

      boucles Omega 4 115.JPG

      2 identical MG. buckles, one is signed the second is not, but both are genuine.

      boucles Oméga 025.JPG

      boucles Oméga 026.JPG

      boucle Omega 2 001.JPG boucle Omega 2 099.JPG boucle Omega 2 097.JPG

Size matters.The size of a buckle means the size inside the buckle, which is the size of the strap that fits in. All the buckles pictured in this thread are 16 mm. except when mentioned otherwise.In vintage Omega buckles, there are 3 sizes for men’s straps, 14, 16 and 18 mm.16 mm is the most desirable because it will fit modern straps 18-16 mm.18mm is so rare that you can forget about it and use your energy to find an Ed White speedy.boucles Omega 4 094.JPGboucles Omega 4 097.JPG

boucles Omega 4 098.JPG

A very rare 18 mm gold-plated buckle by AW. (Below the 16 mm GM. )

boucle Omega 2 027.JPG

boucle Omega 2 029.JPG

boucle Omega 2 030.JPG

The rule

The rule would be that there are no rules. You can find genuine buckles with any combination of marking. But there is a general trend towards two markings.

Swiss for where it was made.

Acier inox., plaque G, 0,750 for the metal used.

boucle Omega 2 018.JPG

boucle Omega 2 021.JPG

boucle Omega 2 036.JPG

boucle Omega 2 055.JPG

boucle Omega 2 067.JPG

boucle Omega 2 074.JPG

boucle Omega 2 079.JPG

boucle Omega 2 114.JPG

boucle Omega 3 002.JPG

boucle Omega 3 011.JPG

boucles Omega 4 012.JPG

boucles Omega 4 017.JPG

boucles Omega 4 050.JPG

This trend does not disqualify any buckle and one has to learn how to recognize genuine buckles from fakes that you see 99,9 % of the time on sale on Ebay.

There are so many exceptions and that EK. buckle that annoyed him a lot because it broke all of his theories, but you always need exceptions. Mounir believes that early buckles were not signed properly or nobody cared.

boucle Omega 2 036.JPG
The same with different markings

boucle Omega 3 0000.jpg

    1. 18k or 750 gold bucklesboucles Omega 4 090.JPGThey exist in 14 mm and 16 mm.When it is an 18k gold buckle it is always fully signed with Swiss, 750 and the manufacturer’s mark. So in that case it is easy to disqualify fakes.boucles Omega 4 053.JPGboucles Omega 4 083.JPGboucles Omega 4 084.JPG

      Most are made by AW. And those should have an 18k gold spring bar.

      boucles Omega 4 064.JPG

      boucles Omega 4 065.JPG

      boucles Omega 4 067.JPG

      boucles Omega 4 071.JPG

      boucles Omega 4 074.JPG

      boucles Omega 4 077.JPG

      boucles Omega 4 080.JPG

      boucles Omega 4 081.JPG

      boucles Omega 4 086.JPG

      boucles Omega 4 087.JPG

      The one made by GM. Has a gold-plated spring bar, but the buckle is heavier in gold

      boucles Omega 4 054.JPG

      boucles Omega 4 055.JPG

      boucles Omega 4 056.JPG

      boucles Omega 4 059.JPG

      Evolution in time or chronology

      boucles Omega 4 117.JPG

      This is a proposition Mounir made out of observation. It’s very difficult to date these buckles.

      1.Early EK.boucle Omega 3 003.JPGboucle Omega 3 008.JPG2.Later oblong EK.boucle Omega 2 033.JPGboucle Omega 2 039.JPGboucle Omega 2 042.JPG

      boucle Omega 2 045.JPG

      boucle Omega 2 044.JPG

      boucle Omega 2 070.JPGboucle Omega 2 074.JPGNote how the older style Omega symbol is much thickerboucle Omega 2 084.JPGboucle Omega 2 085.JPG4.Old style MG.

      boucles Oméga 026.JPG

      boucle Omega 2 004.JPG

      boucle Omega 2 005.JPG

      boucle Omega 2 009.JPG

      Evolution of MG. buckles

      boucle Omega 2 086.JPG

      boucle Omega 2 088.JPG

      Older style AW.

      boucle Omega 2 051.JPG

      boucles Oméga 001.JPG

      Old style AW.

      boucle Omega 2 115.JPG

      boucle Omega 2 116.JPG

      boucle Omega 2 117.JPG

      boucle Omega 2 118.JPG

      Evolution of AW. buckles

      boucle Omega 2 111.JPG

      boucle Omega 2 112.JPG

      5.Special EK.

      boucles Omega 4 045.JPG

      boucles Omega 4 046.JPG

      8.Later B.

      boucles Omega 4 039.JPG

      boucles Omega 4 044.JPG

      9.Even later B

      boucles Omega 4 034.JPG

      boucles Omega 4 036.JPG

      boucle Omega 2 055.JPG boucle Omega 2 071.JPG boucle Omega 2 114.JPG