Full Omega Trilogy 60th Anniversary Set with box and papers from 2017


The Omega 60th Anniversary Trilogy Set, released in 2017, is a remarkable collection that commemorates the iconic 1957 releases of the Seamaster 300, Speedmaster, and Railmaster. This meticulously crafted set is a tribute to Omega’s pioneering spirit and exceptional craftsmanship, offering collectors and enthusiasts a unique opportunity to own three of the most celebrated watches in the brand’s history.

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Historical Significance of the Original 1957 Models

Each watch in the Trilogy Set is a faithful homage to its original 1957 counterpart, marking a significant milestone in Omega’s storied legacy. The Seamaster 300 was designed for professional divers, setting new standards for underwater watches with its robust construction and reliable performance. The Speedmaster, initially created for motorsport timing, gained legendary status as the first watch worn on the moon during the Apollo 11 mission in 1969. The Railmaster, designed to resist magnetic fields, was an essential tool for scientists, engineers, and railway workers exposed to magnetic environments. These three models showcased Omega’s innovative spirit and technical prowess, cementing their place in horological history.

Seamaster 300 Reference

The Seamaster 300 in this Trilogy Set features a 39mm stainless steel case and bracelet, embodying the rugged elegance and durability of the original model. The dial and hands exhibit a carefully executed faux patina, creating an authentic vintage look that pays homage to its 1957 predecessor. The broad arrow handset and the stainless steel bezel with a tachometer scale enhance the watch’s classic appeal and functionality. At its heart, the Omega Co-Axial caliber 8806 movement offers exceptional precision and durability, ensuring reliable performance under any condition. This watch comes with its original box and papers, adding to its collectible value and providing assurance of authenticity.

Speedmaster Reference 311.

The Speedmaster in the Trilogy Set features a 38.5mm stainless steel case and bracelet, meticulously replicating the original’s proportions and design elements. The white dial is adorned with the Torino 2006 stamp and the Olympic rings on the seconds hand, celebrating its historical connection to the Olympic Games. The red pulsation scale on the dial, along with the faux patina, adds a touch of historical charm and enhances readability. Inside, the Omega caliber 1861 manual-wound movement with chronograph function ensures accurate and reliable timekeeping. This movement is renowned for its role in the Moonwatch, underscoring the Speedmaster’s legacy of exploration and precision. This watch also includes its original box and papers, ensuring its status as a prized collector’s item.

Railmaster Reference

The Railmaster, with its 38mm stainless steel case and bracelet, offers a timeless design that emphasizes both functionality and aesthetic appeal. The black dial features a faux patina and broad arrow hands, enhancing readability and adding a vintage touch. The Omega Co-Axial caliber 8806 automatic movement lies at the heart of this watch, celebrated for its precision, durability, and resistance to magnetic fields. This movement reflects the Railmaster’s original purpose as a tool for professionals in magnetic environments. The watch’s monocoque case design, made from a single piece, ensures robust construction and sleek aesthetics. Like the others, this watch comes complete with its original box and papers, providing a comprehensive package for collectors.

A Wonderful Collectible Set

The Omega 60th Anniversary Trilogy Set is a perfect blend of history and modernity, celebrating Omega’s enduring legacy of innovation and excellence. Each watch, with its meticulous craftsmanship and historical significance, offers a unique connection to the past while meeting contemporary standards of precision and durability. Presented together, these three timepieces make a wonderful set, embodying the spirit of adventure, exploration, and technical mastery that defines Omega. This set, complete with box and papers for each watch, is a must-have for any serious collector and a tribute to six decades of horological brilliance. The Trilogy Set not only honors Omega’s rich heritage but also showcases the timeless appeal and technical innovation that continue to inspire future generations.

What we love:

  • Beautiful heritage designs
  • With box and papers

What you should know:

  • Unless otherwise stated, it is common for vintage watches to not come with box and papers. In the rare example that a watch does come with box and papers it will be mentioned in the description. All purchases come with a bespoke black wooden watch box and warranty card.

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