Vintage Omega 14k gold watch for Ladies with Arabic numerals 511.002 from 1960

Introducing a timeless masterpiece with a story that transcends generations – the Omega 14k Gold Watch, a true symbol of elegance and refinement. With its fascinating history and impeccable craftsmanship, this classic timepiece takes you on a journey back to the splendid era of 1960.

Every glance at this stunning watch sparks a sense of nostalgia, as its vintage design encapsulates the charm of the past. Crafted with precision and pride, the 14k solid gold case radiates a warm and luxurious glow, effortlessly catching the eye of onlookers. Its unparalleled allure is enhanced by the exquisite leather strap, seamlessly blending comfort and sophistication. 

As you wind the 14k Gold Omega watch manually, you can feel the connection to a bygone era, where time was revered and its passage celebrated. The impeccable condition of this timepiece speaks volumes about its quality and enduring charm, making it a true collector’s item. Its 19mm diameter, the epitome of vintage elegance, perfectly adorns wrists of all sizes, captivating all who catch sight of it.

Intriguingly simple, this Omega watch is adorned only with the ability to tell time, a reminder that in a fast-paced world, sometimes, simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. The mechanical prowess of the Caliber 620 within ensures precision and reliability, a testament to the brand’s unwavering dedication to excellence.

Envelop yourself in the grace and heritage of Omega with this 14k Gold masterpiece. Add a touch of nostalgia to your collection, or gift a loved one with a piece of history that will be cherished for generations to come. Elevate your style, embrace the past, and let this enchanting Omega watch become a part of your own extraordinary story.

What we love:

  • Beautiful 14k solid gold case
  • Excellent condition watch
  • Fully serviced

What you should know:

  • Watch comes without its original box and papers, but with our own high quality watch box and warranty card


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30 day hassle-free returns
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