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Vintage Omega watches

Omega has been making watches of the highest quality for over a century now without any sign of stopping. With many beautiful and classic designs under its belt Omega is one of the most important watch manufacturers in the industry. These classics include the Omega Speedmaster, Omega Constellation and ofcourse the vintage Seamaster. These Omega vintage watches have been enjoyed, collected and treasured by many for their beautiful craftmanship.

Which Vintage Omega watch suits you?

A vintage watch in this day and age is more than a device to read the time. Phones have replaced watches because they are generally more accurate and easier to read. A vintage watch however does have many things a phone doesn’t have. One of these things is charm and feeling. Whether you wear dress watches or diving watches there is always something about a timepiece which makes it truly special.

The Omega constellation

Such as the Omega Constellation, which represent the more exclusive dress watches from Omega. These often classical timepieces have a modest case size making them popular with people with smaller wrists. The most exclusive and nicest Constellation watches are in precious metals such as solid yellow gold. Often these Constellation watches have the pie-pan dial, which is one of Omega’s unique dial designs.

The Omega Seamaster

The Omega Seamaster represents the more rugged and robust dive watches. These watches are often made in stainless steel and have clean dial designs making them legible underwater. The Omega Seamaster is also James Bond’s first choice when talking about watches.

Collecting Vintage Omega watches

Some collectors like all the little details an Omega watch could offer such as the original papers and box or even study the reference number of certain watches. These collectors love the accessories which come with a watch such as original tags, an additional crown or even the vintage advertisements of the specific watch.