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Omega Genève

The Omega Geneve is one of Omega’s entry level watches and was first introduced in 1952 when the name Genève was first seen on a dial of an Omega watch. It was only after 1967 that Genève watches became their own series of watches. These Genève watches after 1967 were marketed towards the entry level watch buyers to completely cover the range of Omega buyers. A great business move as these watches sold extremely well.

Omega Genève models

Most Genève models were made with a stainless steel case and were seen more as jewelry or accessories than a timepiece when they were released. Only later these vintage watches were being recognised as the beautiful watches they are. Nowadays a vintage Omega Geneve is appreciated for its amazing case designs and powerhouse movements. These watches in very good condition sell for a pretty penny these days.

Omega Genève designs

Most Omega Genève designs are divided by two schools of thought. The first is the classic dress watch style. These are simple yet elegant designs which represent the more formal way of watchmaking. The second is the more playful way of designing. This school of thought represents funky case designs, more use of color and dial designs. These more playful designs are unlike the Seamaster collection a bit less serious and can be seen as awesome toys while still being high quality watches.