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The Omega Constellation

The Omega Constellation has been one of Omega’s most prestigious watch models ever since its release in 1952. The idea to create Omega Constellation watches was born right after the the Omega Seamaster in 1948. One of Omega’s famous designers René Banwart designed the Omega Centenary of which only 6000 were made. After the succes of the Centenary Omega decided to create a new watch model under the Omega Constellation collection.

The first Omega Constellation family

The Omega Constellation has seen many different designs throughout its 70 years of existing. Starting with the original Constellation which was the first Omega watch to sport the iconic star on the dial at the six o’clock position. This was also the first watch to have the famous observatory emblem with 8 stars on the caseback.

The 8 stars of the observatory emblem & Pie pan dials

The 8 stars which are presented on the caseback of most vintage Omega Constellation watches represent two chronometer records and six awards which Omega received for winning prices between 1933 and 1952. To top it all off these watches were the first Omega watches to have the beloved pie pan dial. These first Constellations were made in steel, yellow gold and rose gold with even some rumors of platinum constellations existing with diamond hour markers.

Constellation models throughout the years

After the succes of the first constellation models Omega produced many more designs in the 1970s. These designs were made in the mids of the quartz crisis which hit the watch world significantly. To stand out from all the new quartz watches Omega decided to design funky cases which and added integrated bracelets to these cases, a move which made Omega watches stand out because most watches made before this had a leather strap.

The Constellation Manhattan

In 1982 the Constellation Manhattan was first introduced. This watch was an iconic design from Omega from this era of watches. The Manhattan had a standout two-tone design with an integrated bracelet and roman numerals on the dial. This design is one of Omega’s most famous designs.

The modern Constellation

The modern Constellation is still one of the most prestigious watches Omega makes. These modern watches have new technology’s which make the watch even more special than before, such as the co axial escapement and a domed sapphire crystal.