Vintage Omega sub seconds watch with black gilt dial 9791060 from 1930s

Introducing the early Omega Sub Seconds 9791060: A Timeless Legend Unleashed from the Roaring 1930s!

Step into the illustrious world of Omega, where time stands still and sophistication reigns supreme. With an awe-inspiring heritage that dates back to the era of Art Deco elegance, this Omega Sub Seconds timepiece is a rare gem that encapsulates the remarkable history of the brand. 

Imagine, if you will, being transported to the 1930s, a time when timepieces were meticulously crafted to exude timeless charm. This exceptional watch takes you on a nostalgic journey, leaving whispers of its prestigious past at every turn. A relic that has withstood the tests of time, this Omega boasts a manual winding movement, precisely engineered Caliber 26.5, showcasing the tremendous attention to detail Omega was renowned for even then.

Impeccably preserved in excellent condition, this timepiece gleams with a solid 14k gold case that speaks to its opulence and enduring elegance. Every glance is an enchanting experience, as light dances effortlessly upon the polished surface, subtly reflecting the essence of its golden age. The 32mm diameter invites nostalgia, capturing the essence of vintage timekeeping in its most charming form.

Adding to its exceptional allure, this Omega features a sub-seconds function, a delightful eccentricity that distinguishes it as an artifact of a bygone era. Resurrecting the romance of ticking seconds, this feature offers a charming reminder of the immersive craftsmanship that Omega is known for. 

Encasing this masterpiece is a premium leather strap, completing the timeless and sophisticated aesthetic. The supple leather not only enhances its comfort but also heightens its timeless appeal, making it the perfect accessory to elevate any ensemble, be it modern or classic.

Indulge in the magic of Omega, and make a statement with this extraordinary timepiece. Embrace a piece of history, for it is said that time never truly stands still, but with the Omega Sub Seconds 9791060, you get to capture a fleeting moment and hold it forever.

What we love:

  • Beautiful 14k solid gold case
  • Excellent condition watch
  • Wonderful black gilt dial

What you should know:

  • Watch comes without its original box and papers, but with our own high quality watch box and warranty card


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