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The problem

No matter how careful you are, plastic watch glasses will scratch over time. This is mainly due to the position of the watch on the wrist, where it can easily scrape against a wall or other object. Unlike glasses, these scratches only detract from the beauty of the watch and not its function. However, it is annoying to constantly look at it.

The product

Before taking your watch to your local jeweler for an expensive repair, it is better to try to get the scratches out yourself. PolyWatch is an astonishingly simple and effective means of removing scratches from the watch glass. Buy PolyWatch here.

polywatch watch polish

PolyWatch is a simple and reliable solution against scratches. The unique PolyWatch paste, which has proven itself millions of times, even removes deep scratches! It is not without reason that PolyWatch is the number 1 worldwide when it comes to watch polishes for acrylic glass. The innovative plastic deformation technology, which slightly softens the clear lacquer on the glass to fill in damaged spots, polishes away scratches and blemishes in an instant.


It’s incredibly easy to use PolyWatch. You only have to follow 3 steps:

Step 1: Apply some PolyWatch to the watch plexiglass

apply polywatch to watch plexiglass
Apply to glass

Step 2: Use a piece of cotton wool (preferred) or cloth for brushing

polywatch: use cotton wool or cloth to polish
Brush the glass

Step 3: Brush on the scratched glass for 2-3 minutes under strong pressure.

Repeat for deeper scratches.

Take a look at this video for further instructions:

How to use PolyWatch official video (all images and video on this page have been used with explicit permission from PolyWatch)

One tube of PolyWatch can be used for approximately 10 watch crystals (depending on how much you use and how deep the scratches are).

Buy PolyWatch here.