Vintage Omega De Ville “Clous de Paris” Black Dial 111.0136 from 1974

Step back to the vibrant and transformative year of 1974 with the Omega De Ville, reference number 111.0136, a timepiece that encapsulates the elegance and precision that defines the era. Nestled within its stainless steel case, adorned with a distinctive “Clous de Paris” bezel, lies a rich narrative of sophistication and a symbol of status and distinction.

At the heart of this watch beats the manual caliber 625 movement, a testament to Omega’s dedication to precision and technological innovation. This mechanism guarantees remarkable accuracy, making it a reliable companion in tracking every significant moment of your contemporary lifestyle.

The watch features a compact yet charismatic 29mm diameter which wears larger on the wrist, presenting a harmonious blend of charm and sophistication. Its stainless case, paired with a comfortable leather strap, promises a fusion of luxury and comfort, gracefully encircling your wrist and elevating your style quotient.

Despite its vintage lineage, the Omega De Ville stands in excellent condition, a true testament to the impeccable craftsmanship that has allowed it to withstand the test of time gracefully. As you adorn this piece, you become a part of its illustrious history, ready to pen down the next chapter in its journey through time.

Acquiring this Omega De Ville is not just adding a watch to your collection; it is inheriting a piece of horological history. Become the custodian of its rich narrative, passing it down as a cherished heirloom that promises to enchant generations with its timeless elegance and superior craftsmanship. Seize the opportunity to own a piece of history, a blend of art and precision that is the Omega De Ville.

What we love:

  • Excellent condition watch
  • Wonderful Clous de Paris bezel

What you should know:

  • Watch comes without its original box and papers, but with our own high quality watch box and warranty card


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