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The idea of someone else having worn your watch is not as scary as it sounds. In fact, there’s really something nice about owning an authentic piece of history. Wearing a vintage watch made by Rolex, Patek Philippe, or Omega makes you stand out from your peers and shows that you have the style and class that will turn heads.

We are all familiar with the popular saying; you get what you pay for. Well, in this case, that can be taken to a whole new level. A vintage watch has been loved before and is ready for another round of loving.

The vintage watch market is thriving.  There are different types of watches that you can invest in, and for many people, certain pieces can be extremely valuable because they have a sentimental value attached to them. But for the rest of us, we just want to know why an antique watch is worth it.

Buying a vintage watch is an expensive decision; you may be wondering why you should spend more on a vintage watch than on a regular fashion watch. You are not alone in this train of thought. The purpose of this article is to free you of this thought, and by the end of it, I am pretty sure you would love to have a watch that’s worth every penny.

Here are some of our most compelling reasons why buying a vintage watch might be one of your best purchases ever. Let’s delve into the details one by one.

1. Vintage watches are timeless 

If you’re looking for a classic watch with lasting value, consider buying vintage. You’ll be able to find timeless pieces that are even more valuable because other people already loved them. It is hard to predict what goes up, down or stays flat, but it’s safe to say that vintage watches from top brands will always be in demand.

vintage omega seamaster 165002 from 1965 watch

2. Watches from the past are versatile

These watches come in different types of styles to fit your personality, no matter what it is – there’s one for everyone. Whether you’re rugged or dapper, urban or outdoorsy, these prestigious watches are versatile. They can fit your needs and style while also making a significant investment piece for you to have.

These stylish timepieces can be paired with just about every piece of clothing you own. Whether you’re wearing a suit or jeans and shirt, vintage watches look great with your outfit.

3. Battery replacement is no longer a concern

There’s no need to worry about battery life because most of these watches do not need batteries to keep them operational. The gears and other mechanisms in the movements keep working fine for decades when maintained well. More “modern” vintage watches may be powered by a quartz movement. Which has both its advantages and disadvantages; when the battery is not replaced in time it may leak, causing damage to the movement. On the other hand, you’ll never have to wind it or set the time after a couple of days of not wearing it.

vintage Omega Seamaster 2577 caliber 354 movement

4. Vintage watches complement your personality  

These watches draw attention and will make you stand out among the crowd. It doesn’t matter what you’re wearing; this accessory is sure to stand out. Some even say that vintage watches are a form of self-expression. They reveal your personality without saying a word. If you have a specific personality or style that you want to project, then your watch will send the message for you.

If you value your style, then it is definitely worth the splurge. It shows that you are a person who cares about your appearance!

5. Vintage watches will spark conversations

People will be interested in what kind of watch you are wearing. Maybe they’ll also ask where you got it. So if you’re in the mood for a conversation, then wearing your favorite upscale watch is a great way to start a conversation. Just make sure you don’t keep checking the time too often if you want to make it seem more natural ;).

vintage omega 2848 watch beefy lugs 1954

6. People are intrigued by vintage watches

Vintage watches are unique and most of the times one-of-a-kind. As long as there is a reason why you are wearing this piece of jewelry on your wrist, everyone will be curious about it and ask you questions about your watch.

If you go for a classic-looking timepiece, then there will be hardly anything that you can’t combine with it. Fashionistas will be aware of that benefit. As these watches don’t seem to get old, they’ll just look gold with all styles!

7. Vintage watches are emotionally rewarding

Whether it’s because of their history or sentimental value, vintage watches are worth more than just their monetary price tag. There is a particular joy in securing a look that has been with your family for many generations. It is so much more than a timepiece, it’s part of an heirloom.

A vintage watch is an investment that will last for the rest of your life. It can also be something that your children and grandchildren will treasure and pass down to their kids as ancestry pieces.

vintage Omega speedmaster 145022-74 dial

8. Vintage watches are historically important

These watches certainly have their own story to tell. From who wore them and where they have been, to what kind of events they were involved in along the way, there’s just so much history involved. Not only will you be adding a piece of jewelry to your collection, but also a story and an adventure.

All vintage watches have a history and it shows that you are someone who appreciates things from the past. Vintage watches have retained their value year after year because of the level of craftsmanship. They’re exceedingly rare, and will never be seen as “dated” in a few years or even decades later.

9. Vintage watches are built to last 

It’s hard to find another accessory that can project the same kind of lasting value as vintage watches. People love having items that will last and not fall apart over time, as their clothing or other accessories may sometimes do. 

The most common material used in watches is stainless steel, which can be purchased at any hardware store these days. But back in the day, there was so much more care and attention given to the crafting process, which means that vintage watches are made out of the best steel or less common metals such as gold, sterling silver, or even platinum. They are well-made, sturdy pieces that can last for years to come.

vintage omega seamaster automatic 2848 black crosshair dial 1956

10. Vintage watches exhibit artistry beyond comparison

As mentioned before, vintage watches are classics and last for years. Everything is done with precision to make sure the watch keeps working correctly. Even if you purchase a watch that has been used before, you can rest easy knowing everything is up to date concerning parts and workmanship. 

At Vintage Masters, these watches go through an inspection process that ensures you that the watch is completely original and working perfectly.

11. Nothing beats a vintage watch for a gift

You never know when you might need the perfect gift. Vintage watches make for an excellent birthday, holiday or anniversary gift because they can be found relatively inexpensively and look elegant no matter what the occasion. This makes them a fantastic go-to gift whenever you need something extra special for someone, or just want to treat yourself to a little something extra.

Vintage watches make for the best gifts. Not only will it mean a lot on a sentimental level, but the receiver will love having a rare piece they can wear and show off as well.

vintage omega constellation 168001 jumbo watch with original beads of rice bracelet

12. A vintage watch is always in style

Whether you are looking for a more classic, minimalistic style or something fresh and modern, you’ll definitely find it in the vintage watch market. You can also choose between different time periods – for instance, watches from the 60’s might be more suitable for your appearance than watches from the 50’s.

So, if you’re looking for a watch that is unique and sparks conversations, then try purchasing and/or investing in vintage watches.

13. Vintage watches are great for everyday use

Just because they’re luxury timepieces, it doesn’t mean that you should only save them for special occasions! If you have a traditional watch that you love wearing, invest in the best maintenance to keep it well and wear it proudly. 

And if you work a job where your appearance is essential, buy a vintage watch that will give you the confidence to come into work looking your best.

vintage Omega constellation 168001 jumbo watch gold capped

14. Watches from a bygone era exude your confidence 

Walk in the room with a luxury watch on your wrist, and people will know that you take pride in yourself and the image you portray to others. People will immediately see you as someone who appreciates fine quality and likes to make bold statements.

Wearing a nice watch is an easy way to demonstrate your taste and style, but it’s also a subtle way of showing everyone how much you value yourself. It proves your commitment to being a man or woman who has his/her priorities in order. 


With all this being said, do not think that buying a vintage watch means you have to spend a fortune on one. There are many affordable options available online and in-stores offering stylish timepieces for any buyer.

You should know your budget before purchasing because there may be more expensive ones, depending on which brand or model you choose. To make things easier for yourself, narrow down your selection by using price filters when shopping online. So, if any of these reasons have inspired you to buy a vintage watch, then let us know what you are looking for by contacting us!